welp, this is sub number 1

a dead cow... in high school I had issues :)


karate lessons

well, this is a house being torn down



sausage fest

framed by miller lites!



sub number 2, Brian's boat that he took me out on when I visited him!

i am the one that is not in the navy uniform -FYI


Brian took me flying for my first lesson - I want to be a pilot - add that to my list of things to do!


Flying around Groton, I wanted to fly lower, the instructor told me when you have your

liscense you can go as low as you want over the water - just pull up when you see a boat >:)


Mom-Mom and Aunt Michelle

An old picture I found

Number 1 and Number 2 working hard, notice I can't even afford a desk for number 2!

Signing checks for bills that are arranged like a flower so it does not feel so painful.

This looks like a religious experience.


sub number 3









Ice cube tray races out west in a bathroom!

a giant frog


the sheridan rehab that I did and now hold as a rental property - Mark was a giant help - thanks!





and... that would be a hangin' bunny yo!





all image's copyright held by me : )





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