Quote compilation - part 1 of 4 (1.3 meg HTML file)


    Benny and Tess's Wedding and related parties


    Misc. Photos from my weekend of 10/17 - 10/19


    Solo Exhibit opening @ La Marsa


    photos - Jayda in FL, Chelsea Galleries, Armory Show NYC


    misc. photos


    Ted conf videos - about 50 of them


    oil painting - portrait -9"x12"


    my house


    friends of baker photos from MICA


    Well i guess if i am going to put links up: PostSecret (updated every Sunday)


    just in case you have not seen the Sony Bravia commercial - here is a link


    flying over baltimore, my beautiful rehab, florida




    three subs, a dead cow, a hanging bunny, a house being torn down & a giant frog?   


    around Christmas part 1          part 2


    oil painting completed dec


    acrylic painting "commuter"




    oil painting - 11"x14" on canvas "solace"


    Oil painting - oil glazes on a gessoed wood panel - "homebuilder"


    some recent photos - more to be added soon




    ext. Link: Oral History Interviews with American Artists, 1000's of interviews


    oil essence sketch on Waterford paper


    oil pastel sketch for an oil painting that I am working on


    Watercolor sketch of female with details


    Trip with James to NYC /CBGB's/ Benny & Mirko's B-day


    Disney Quotes I have selected


    Flying Gliders with Mark in Middle of Nowhere PA




    Quotes_including_Phillp K. Dick


    Movie Quotes_0001


    Pics of dellwoody in zip 11


    I am excited about this house I purchased today 






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    ext. Link to benny's site


    ext. Link to dimotta's site


    Quote Set numero Dos that includes: Twain, Byron, Goethe and Ditka


    ext. Link to todd's site - todd's trash collection


    ext. Link to lauren's site some really cool illustrations


    a set of quotes dr.anthony


    Who are you?


    Dave's apt. goes ablaze and people run but some don't fare so well (old pics)


    Cruisin' last year: set 1 ~ set 2 ~ set 3


    Javi's B-day last year: set 1 ~ set 2


    trinacria, georgetown, russian party, and a general store


    a seahorse, a guy with a cool face and so much more...


    some images of art, sinks, my foot etc.


    an odd compilation of images


    some pictures


    my bedroom and some other stuff thrown in fer good measures


    i honestly have no idea how to group this mess :)


    a few historical shots


    a few shots hangin' out with Em, 2


    a few scenic shots


    4 sketches one painting and a quartet


    Some pics from Christmas -


    New Orleans Real Estate - meeting with coolest R.E. Investors and learning market


    NYC - meet up with Brian and friends to party in NYC, just dug up pics


    stevie NYC/baltimore trip - my cousin Stevie loses his NYC virginity


    1 2 3 4 5 6 - nude group 2
          oil 8x10 - "red light video cameras everywhere soon"
          oil 8x10 - "the squirrel hit a bb and he did" 
          1 2 3 4 5 - nude group 1
          painting 030  oil essence on Bristol - "my dad used to fish for a living"
          FOB Dive Series  held in rural Pennsylvania
          Novacula  1904
         painting 028  oil essence on Bristol 8x5  oil essence on Bristol 8x5


    painting 027  oil on panel 8x5


details of three portraits from paintings

three misc. watercolors that are from sketchbooks
two paintings of Brian

sketchbook - Arches (large)    - set-5
 sketchbook - Arches (small)    - set-6
 sketchbook - Arches (small)    - set-7
 sketchbook - Arches (small)    - set-8
 sketchbook - Arches (small)    - set-9
  sketchbook - Arches (small)    - set-10
four sketches from small arches sketchbook

Photo of Grandfather on mother's side in the 1930's
backyard photo in Bolton Hill
quote set 1
last words of peeps
sketch of industrial
used painting supplies for sale
flash sketch and test menu
Fruit that is in process of Decay
through the generations
tubes of paint
Pictures around house set1 set2 set3 set4

architectural photo study number 01
architectural photo study number 02
architectural photo study number 03
architectural photo study number 04
architectural photo study number 05
architectural photo study number 06
architectural photo study number 07
architectural photo study number 08
architectural photo study number 09
architectural photo study number 10

painting either John or Lanvale Street (i forget)
painting L&M at party
exit ramp
painting 012 portrait smoking in winter
painting 013 female portrait - essence oil paint
painting 014 female - essence oil paint
painting 015
after shave portait 
painting 016 female nude 
painting 017 portrait of shaving cream 
painting 020 McMechen and Park Ave Corner 

painting 023
painting 025 3 paintings 
painting 026 looking out door 

Below are groups of portraits.  No picture is digitally manipulated other
than cropping and adjusting brightness and or contrast to further define the subtle nuances of the imagery. 

11_10 set1
11_10 set2
11_10 set3
10_09 set1
2_17 set1
2_17 set2
2_17 set3
pics of me
round' Christmastime -1
round' Christmastime -2
L & K's round' Christmastime -portraits of da players
L & K's round' Christmastime -gettin' in groups
L & K's round' Christmastime -misc

sketchbook - - set-1
sketchbook - ) - set-2
sketchbook - - set-3
sketchbook - - set-4

pop pop painting

MN inspires painting